Shahu Shikshan Sanstha (P.) Matoshree Velbai Devaji Hariya

College of Arts, commerce & Science, Shahad

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Secretary's Message

For the last 12 years, shahu shikshan Sanstha has been doing educational work by establishing shahad gamampal Matoshri Velbai Devaji Hariya college at Thane District Kalyan.

Prof. Laxmanrao Dhobale saran established the institute so that the students from the exploited, neglected, hard working, tribal dalits and the poor’s could get along with the main journey for the purpose, the educational institution in the area was not a center of extortion. Protecting the interest of the society is working with a humble attitude.

I am very proud that shahu shikshan sanstha is working for educational awareness by establishing yukka’s connections not only in the area but also in any other villages.

There are a lot of changes taking place in the society. Considering the last 3 possible changes, it is necessary for the teachers to make more efforts in front of the frustrated youth of the society as a whole and to adapt them to the modern world through various movements. The organization makes various efforts to make the process of replacing patriotic basic ideas with faith and love more efficiently with a social consciousness. it’s the result is slowly coming into view.

While changing the business attitudes of the youth, the organization make special efforts to make them from the traditional liberal point of view of the country without going into a technical mindset like the market regime.

Sansve has got the first honor of opening a law college in city of kalyan by starting various academic disciplines such as science technology, I.T, chemistry, commerce, Law and Arts. Realizing that it is my duty to do the historical work, I am trying to respect AMDEDKAR’S thoughts by looking to the future. This is an educational endeavor for us students to work with a sense of duty logically.

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